Play it Forward

Delaware Community Schools is asking our alumni and community to “Play it Forward.” As a district, we are taking on a $2.9 million project that will include a new look and improved safety for many of our athletic facilities.

As a district we are seeking monetary and in-kind donations to help complete this project. We are lucky that 3D Co. Inc., a local construction company, was the first to jump on board to help “Play it Forward”. 3-D will demolish the existing bleachers and haul away all the debris. EB Paving & Irving Materials have offered (for free) to be the drop off sites for the material. We are now turning to the public and asking for your help to complete this athletic project for the safety & future of our students. Help us “Play it Forward”.

Step One

  • Remove Current Football Stadium
  • Replace with New Bleachers
  • New Restroom & Concession Stand Facility for the Baseball & Softball Diamonds

Step Two

  • Relocate Soccer & Baseball Fields
  • Add Lighting to Softball & Baseball Fields

Step Three

  • Add 6 New Tennis Courts
  • Add a Wrestling Facility
  • Football Locker Room Facility

We have over 20,000 living DelCom alumni who have attended our school system. We are asking for your support to get behind these projects. We are asking for 1,000 of you to donate $100 each to move us forward with these projects. Of course, we are grateful for any size donation and appreciate your support.